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iGurukul Software is prepared with a sole vision to fulfill the need of good and advanced software for intraschool management and coordination which has strongly been felt from last few years . This will definitely help in reducing the time to prepare updates and sparing time for faculty to concentrate only on teaching and learning activities at all levels of education be it nursery, middle or senior secondary.

iGurukul is the pioneer software that fulfills the complete requirement for the management of school records . It has helped the teachers globally to spend lesser timer in carrying out routine tasks such as attendance calculation, cross-checking the answer sheets, preparing the result sheet of the terminal exams and other necessary activities. Thanks to this software which has given them the opportunity to dedicate more time on the overall development of students.

The main aim of this software is to provide high quality teaching to students so that they may excel in their subjects at the same time to manage the school in seamlessly.

iGurukul never compromises with perfection. It always helps in enhancing the system better; it helps to bridge the gap between management, faculty and student, manages information regarding student?s interaction with school management and teachers, personal information of the students as well as the medical details of the students and other related information.

Another important advantage of this software is that parents can keep an eye on their children through teachers input of the mid-term grades in it, the progress of the student and also the attendance. Parents can get the daily information through SMS, if student is absent. Student's result will be displayed on their mobile within the moments of declaration.

Researchers say that students feel valued with these procedures. They feel encouraged to play more active role in their school. Their mind, as an aftermath, enriched and nurtured and they experience a wonderful budding.

This software also helps the school to enhance the energy of their faculty by keeping track of the time spent with the students , strengthening the student ? teacher relationship.

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